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Meaden Precision's Davenport Department


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We manufacture components for a wide array of industries including medical, food, automotive, gas, air, etc.

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We are continuously updating our machinery that enables us to manufacture complex components.

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Over 78 years experience of precision metal and plastic machining

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Meaden Precision's Davenport Department

This highly competitive department continues to set production records through a program of continuous improvement. 

The skills of our employees has enabled us to eclipse the parameters established by the davenport machine manufacturer. 

We currently have a total of 33 machines with a bar capacity of up to 7/8"; one of those machines is equipped with Davenports exclusive high precision head.  We are gradually adding short part detection to each of these machines. 

This department, like our Multiple department is in the In-house machine rebuilding program.  We have established a set-up improvement program using lean manufacturing principles.  The davenport department also has the ability to move dedicated machines off line when not in production.   

These machines can perform I.D./O.D. threading, slotting, broaching, roll marking, and flat generation to keep secondary operations to a minimum. 




Quality - Service - Delivery

Since 1939

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