Meaden Precision's EDM

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Meaden Precision's EDM Department





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Precision Machined Components since 1939!

Precision Machined for Different Industries

We manufacture components for a wide array of industries including medical, food, automotive, gas, air, etc.

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We pride ourselves on our quality.


We are continuously updating our machinery that enables us to manufacture complex components.

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Over 78 years experience of precision metal and plastic machining

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Meaden Precision's EDM Department

    While much of our tooling is produced here for our automatic screw machines, this is also a finishing area for special projects and contract work.

    We house conventional and wire equipment, along with specialty machinery designed to slot and finish a variety of items in a 1500 square foot stand-alone area.

    The majority of this equipment is computer controlled and runs unattended.



Quality - Service - Delivery

Since 1939

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