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Meaden Precision's Quality Department

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Precision Machined Components since 1939!

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We manufacture components for a wide array of industries including medical, food, automotive, gas, air, etc.

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We pride ourselves on our quality.


We are continuously updating our machinery that enables us to manufacture complex components.

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Over 78 years experience of precision metal and plastic machining

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Meaden Precision's Quality Department

Quality begins with our personnel.  Meaden machine operators maintain our high standard through a continual process of evaluation and review.  As equipment and processes evolve and improve, our operators receive continuous advanced training in the latest technologies. 

For over 77 years, Meaden has taken pride in our reputation for quality.  Our Quality Control methodology includes computerized SPC, and a broad assortment of the latest digital test equipment, including a new Brown & Sharpe CMM. 

We are a member of the American Society of Quality Control and are ISO 9001-2008 registered. 

Whether you need PPAP's, First Article Pieces, APQP, SPC, 8D or other special requirements, we work with you!

Our Keyence Imaging system is our new Quality Department equipment.  This system measures dimensions at the touch of a button in a matter of seconds.  This reduces time and eliminates variable individual measurements.

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Quality - Service - Delivery

Since 1939

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